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(throw) down one's tools

三菱自動車の景気はupbeatだったはずなのに撤退ですか...。欧州危機が本格的なものになってきていることを感じさせられます。down toolsはイギリス口語で、go on a strikeです。down their toolsとはまさに絵が描ける言い回しですね。(Sugiuchi)

Dutch workers down tools at Mitsubishi plant

BUSINESS FEB. 11, 2012 - 06:45AM JST ( 19 )THE HAGUE —

Dutch workers at Mitsubishi’s sole western European plant downed tools Friday, demanding the Japanese carmaker find a buyer for the NedCar factory, where production is set to seize by year-end.

The Japanese carmaker announced in Tokyo on Monday it was planning to halt automobile production in Europe by the end of 2012, blaming a difficult operating environment in the debt-hit continent.

“The strike was 100% successful,” said Henk van Rees, a leader of the plant’s majority FNV Bondgenoten union, claiming some 1,300 of the 1,500 workers at the plant in the southern town of Born joined in.

The unions demanded Mitsubishi work with the Dutch government to find a buyer after the company said Tuesday it was willing to sell the plant “for one euro” if a new owner could guarantee the 1,500 workers would remain employed.

“We also need a good social plan,” Van Rees said, adding that “workers’ average age at the plant is 50 years. We think it’s unlikely the majority of them will find a job.”

“It’s our last battle,” he told AFP.

A new protest was planned “probably by Thursday” in The Hague, the union said, where parliamentarians are to discuss the plant’s future.

The Japanese carmaker produces the Colt subcompact and the Outlander sports utility models at the wholly-owned unit, located about 180 kilometers southeast of Amsterdam.

Output at NedCar, which was established in 1991, has remained sharply below its production capacity of 200,000 units a year, contributing to Mitsubishi Motors’ operating loss in Europe, reports said.

Fewer than 50,000 cars were assembled in 2010.

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Los Angeles (CNN) -- Legendary pop singer Whitney Houston was found dead Saturday at a Beverly Hills, California, hotel, officials said. She was 48.

The entertainer, whose incredible talent was discovered at an early age, was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. (6:55 p.m. ET) at the Beverly Hilton hotel despite resuscitation efforts, a police spokesman said.

Beverly Hills Police Lt. Mark Rosen said there were "no obvious signs of criminal intent" and that the cause of her death is being investigated.

Houston's bodyguard found her body, said Courtney Barnes, publicist for hip-hop artist Ray J, who was dating the pop diva.

According to her official website, Houston sold more than 170 million albums, singles and videos. But she also struggled with addiction problems over the years.

Houston, whose hits included "The Greatest Love of All," died on the eve of the 54th annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. She had performed as late as Thursday night at a pre-Grammy event in the area. A pre-Grammy party was scheduled Saturday night at the Beverly Hilton.

Music producer Jimmy Jam, after conversations with those heading up to Sunday's night show, told CNN that he believes the event will change significantly -- including a tribute to the singer.

The entertainer recently returned to a movie set for "Sparkle," a remake of the 1976 hit, which was loosely based on the story of The Supremes. It is scheduled be released nationwide in August, according to Sony Pictures. It was her first movie role since 1996's "The Preacher's Wife."

News of her death elicited a flood of reaction from fans and fellow celebrities alike.







party. v


After years of mysterious cancellations and erratic behavior, Whitney Houston has admitted using drugs, but says the problem is in the past. In a rare interview, Houston told Primetime's Diane Sawyer that she has used alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs at different points during her career. "I partied a lot. Trust me: I partied my tail off," she said, adding, "You get to a point where you know the party's over." (http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/whitney-houston-tells-diane-sawyer-crack-whack/story?id=131898







Emperor Akihito underwent an angiography to check on his heart condition on Saturday.The angiogram of his coronary arteries comes after his electrocardiogram showed a restricted blood flow to his heart.

undergoは「(検査・治療など)を受ける」, angiography「血管造影(撮影)法」はヨウ素等の造影剤を血管のなかに注入して,血管のX線写真の撮影する方法のことです。angio-は「血管」という意味の接頭語です。

angiogramは「血管造影[撮影]図,血管写(像)」。coronary arteryは「冠(状)動脈」,coronaryが「冠状(動脈)の,心臓の」という意味の形容詞です。

electrocardiogramは「心電図」,略語ではECGと表記されます。restricted blood flowは血流が悪いことを表しています。

The 78-year-old emperor went through the same test a year ago at the University of Tokyo hospital, which found his arteries were narrowing, leading to his being placed on medication, a palace official said.

be on medicationで「薬を飲んで治療中である」という意味。そこに「(正しい適切な)場所に置く」というplaceがあるので,「適切なタイミングに治療を施される」というニュアンスが表現されています。

Electrocardiography tests have revealed that the emperor suffers from poor blood circulation after physical exercise.

The examination used a contrast medium to determine how much the emperor’s coronary arties have narrowed due to arteriosclerosis. A catheter was inserted into a blood vessel until it reached a coronary artery, allowing doctors to see where the blood vessels have narrowed and by how much.

contrast mediumは上述の「(X線検査の)造影剤」のことで、よく使われるのは硫酸バリウムなどのことのようです。


catheter「カテーテル」は体内に挿入して英を注入・排出させるための管のことです。「突き刺す,下に押しやる」という意味のギリシャ語由来の言葉です。blood vesselは「血管」です。

be understood

イギリス大衆紙The Sunの職員5名が逮捕されました。そのなかにはPicture editorも含まれています。以下のunderstandの使い方は大変勉強になりました。be understoodでeveryone knows it, or agree with it, and there is no need to discuss it(LDOCE)という意味でformalな形で使われます。


The Sun picture editor John Edwards is understood to be among those arrested


paying final respects

元世界ヘビー級チャンピオン”ザ・グレイティスト”モハマッド・アリ(米)を育てた名トレーナー,アンジェロ・ダンディ氏が,1日心臓発作のため亡くなりました。見出しのpaying final respectsは「哀悼の意を表す,追悼の意を表す」という意味の表現ですが,このほか,express one’s sympathy to〜やoffer condolence to〜,pay tribute to〜など様々な表し方があります。この機に表現のバリエーションを増やしたいと思います。(GP

Ali among hundreds paying final respects to trainer Dundee


CLEARWATER, Florida — Hall of Fame boxing trainer Angelo Dundee was remembered Friday as a master motivator and a man who left a legacy of kindness that was just as impressive as what he accomplished in the ring molding a record 15 world champions, including Muhammad Ali.

"If you only knew him as a trainer, you missed out on something pretty special," the Rev. Stephen King said, beginning the funeral service Friday for Dundee, who died last week at the age of 90.

JT. online,2012/02/12付)

catch~off guard

タイガー・ウッズ選手らも出場している米国男子ツアー“AT&Tペブルビーナショナル プロアマ”(“the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am”)が10日,初日を迎えました。

Dustin Johnson was caught off guard by the rain in the worst way. He stood in the fourth fairway at Spyglass with a short-sleeve shirt, hands thrust in his pocket, as his caddie sent a friend running up the hill to the parking lot to retrieve his rain gear. His short game let him down, and Johnson, a two-time Pebble Beach champion, had to settle for a 72 that put him three back.(The New York Times,2012/02/11付)


今回の表現はcatch off guardです。guardには「護衛者,見張り,ガード」などの意味がありますが,さらに辞書で確認すると,catch[take,throw]O off guardで「〈人の〉油断しているところを襲う,不意をつく」と記されていました(『ジーニアス英和辞典』第4版,大修館書店)。ちなみに,off-guardとハイフンで繋ぐと「油断した,不用意の,突然の,不意の」などの意味を表します(『同上』)同大会2度の優勝経験者があるダスティン・ジョンソン選手ですが,突然の雨により最悪の道をたどることとなってしまったようです。(GP