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closureは「囲い込み、クロージャ、休館、閉館、 閉鎖、終了、終息」など「終わること」を表すいろいろな意味がありますが、ここでは「契約の締結」という意味で用いられています。Hitachi, inspire the next! (UG)

Hitachi to deliver 92 fast trains to Britain

Japanese technology giant Hitachi inked a deal worth £4.5 billion with the British government to supply 92 complete trains for an inter-city high-speed rail project.

The announcement, made by Hitachi and the British government, is the closure on a previous agreement signed in 2009, which was stalled by a change of government in Britain.

Hitachi will cooperate with a British partner, John Laing, to supply 596 train carriages. Hitachi has a 70 percent stake in the joint venture and it will build a factory in the north of England to deliver the project.

The trains will reach up to 200 kilometres per hour and will be able to switch between electric and diesel power. They will thus use less energy compared to the old trains, currently running on the line.

“I am extremely pleased that after a long period of negotiations, we have been able to complete the formal contract for this project,” said Hitachi’s president Hiroaki Nakanishi.

“The decision to build almost 600 new inter-city train carriages is great for rail passengers who will experience faster and more comfortable journeys when travelling across Britain on the East Coast and Great Western main lines,” said British Transport Minister Justine Greening.