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tap into#3


 記事の中で気になった表現は"tap into"です。『Wisdom英和辞典第三版』(三省堂)によると「<資源・資金など>を手に入れる, 引き出す,<経験・知識・状況など>を」などという意味がありました。Oxford Dictionaries.comには"Exploit or draw a supply from (a resource)"と定義されております。(Ume)

CES 2016: Fitbit Blaze smartwatch sends shares into dive

The central module costs $200 (£136) and can be swapped between a range of octagonal-shaped wristbands and straps that will cost between $30 and $130.

That makes it cheaper than the Apple Watch and devices running Google's Android Wear operating system.

The question is whether consumers will prefer to spend more to have the ability to tap into a large library of third-party apps.

"When you compare Fitbit to companies like Apple and Google it doesn't have the software talent to offer a fully-fledged mobile operating system," commented Daniel Matte from the Canalys consultancy.

"But at this price point it's pretty good value and is a natural next step for the firm."

But another analyst questioned the wisdom of entering the smartwatch sector.


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