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coroner 復習

 プーチン大統領の側近であるMikhail Lesin氏が,米国で死亡した件について,ロシア側が,米国に対してより詳細な情報を求めております。米国は,Mikhail Lesin氏の死因を頭部損傷としておりますが,ロシア側は心臓麻痺が原因ではないかと疑っております。

 記事の中で気になった単語は"coroner"です。『Wisdom英和辞典第三版』(三省堂)で調べると「検死官」という意味がありました。Oxford Dictionaries.comには"An official who holds inquests into violent, sudden, or suspicious deaths, and (in Britain) inquiries into cases of treasure trove"と定義されております。関係ありませんが,"coroner"というスイスのバンドグループもいるようです。(Ume)

Mikhail Lesin death: Russia demands details from US

Russian officials have criticised a lack of communication by US authorities over the death of Mikhail Lesin, a former aide to President Putin.

They said they became aware of details of his injuries only when the medical examiner's report was released on Thursday.

Mr Lesin, 57, was found dead in a US hotel four months ago. US coroners say he died of head injuries.

Medical examiners say the exact circumstances of death are not clear.

Russian media had reported his death as a suspected heart attack.

He was one of the most influential figures on the Russian media scene.