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過去にイギリスEU離脱に関するニュースの中で“Brexit”という表現を取り上げましたが,その後調べてみますと,“Brexiter”という表現もあるらしく,定義は“a person who supports Brexit (Britain's leaving the European Union)”(Macmillan Dictionary)となっていました。要するに,ロンドン市長ボリス・ジョンソン氏のような「EU離脱支持者」ということでしょうか。(Kawada)

Here’s how to argue with a Brexiter – and win

Details of a tortured Brussels deal are not crucial when the fate of both Europe and the UK is at stake

A new battle of Britain has begun. On its outcome will depend the fate of two unions: the United Kingdom and the European Union. If the English vote to leave the EU, the Scots will vote to leave the UK. There will then be no Britain. Meanwhile, the shock of Brexit to a continent already staggering under many crises could spell the beginning of the end of the European Union.