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sci-fi #2


 記事の中で気になった単語は"sci-fi"です。『Wisdom英和辞典第三版』(三省堂)で調べると「〘くだけて〙 空想科学小説(の), SF(の)」などという意味がありました。Oxford Dictionaries.comには"Short for science fiction"と定義されております。ドラマでこれだけの騒動に発展するとは驚きです。(Ume)

Mass brawl in Bangladesh over TV soap Kiranmala

An argument about a popular TV drama in Bangladesh erupted into a mass brawl involving hundreds of people, with 15 people badly injured, police say.

Villagers in Habiganj district had gathered in a cafe to watch Indian-made Bengali fantasy drama Kiranmala.

But when two men disagreed about the plot, others took sides and soon hundreds of people were fighting with sticks and knives.

Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

Kiranmala, a sci-fi drama about a warrior princess who saves mankind from evil, is wildly popular in Bangladesh.


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