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Will Trump shift gears in time for the next debate?

Donald Trump has one week to prepare for his next debate with Hillary Clinton. It is a critical event for him. Yet everything he’s done before and after the first debate sends a loud, clear message: He seems to think debate prep is for chumps.

No matter what his advisers try to do ahead of next Sunday’s town-hall debate at Washington University in St. Louis, his performance is utterly unpredictable. Those advisers can run him through mock debates and put him through murder-board, rapid-fire exercises. They can give him a dozen good ways to try to attack Clinton. They can prepare binders of background information, game out answers and give him as many flashcards to study as they can.



Dictionary.comを確認してみると,“murder board”で“A committee or board convened esp to examine a candidate for presidential appointment before the name goes to the Senate for confirmation”と定義されています。「委員会上院から承認を得る前の大統領候補者を審査するために開かれること」となるのではないでしょうか。(Nao)

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