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Power blackout hits 350,000 Tokyo homes, brings trains to a halt

A massive blackout cut power to 350,000 households for a short period in central Tokyo on Wednesday afternoon, disrupting trains and bringing elevators to a halt.

As of 3:39 p.m., 350,000 households were without electricity in Tokyo’s Chuo, Minato, Chiyoda and Toshima wards, but most of them had supplies restored 10 minutes later.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. said the outage was likely caused by the fire at a Tepco facility in Niiza, Saitama Prefecture.

Economy minister Hiroshige Seko directed the utility to investigate the cause of the problem, and to take further actions to prevent any recurrence.

As firefighters tackled the blaze, videos posted on Twitter showed thick black smoke billowing from the ground and flashes of flame. The smoke was so dense that it resembled that of rubber burning.

The municipal office advised residents not to open their windows. An official of the city of Niiza said cables at the Tepco facility had caught fire.

The blaze was adjacent to National Route 254, which was closed to traffic.

Many restaurants and shops line the road in the vicinity of the blaze, but the area is located far from residential zones, according to the Niiza official.

According to the website of Seibu Railway Co., 11 lines operated by the firm were suspended or suffering delays as of 7:06 p.m.



まず、LDOCEで調べてみると、"made of or containing a lot of things or people that are very close together"や"difficult to see through or breathe in"、"not able to understand things easily"などの意味が載っていました。