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24-hour gyms get in the zone in Japan offering no-frills workouts, easy access

Twenty-four-hour gyms are proving popular not only in the cities but also in the suburbs, giving busy workers the option to squeeze in a bit of exercise during off hours.

These gym are popping up in greater numbers — fitted with training machines but without swimming pools or dance studios typical in traditional fitness centers.


The gyms are cheaper to set up and maintain because they can cut back on manpower and rent. Fees are thus cheaper. Traditional fitness clubs usually charge users a monthly fee of \10,000 or more. Most 24-hour gyms cost less than that.




また、“frills”のみを引いてみると「余分なもの、装飾的な物」とありました。『ブルーワー英語故事成語辞典』(大修館)によると、気取った服装や態度も“frills”で表現でき、“to put on frills”で「気取る」となるそうです。(flying bird)

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