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turbulent 復習


Turbulent path awaits new DP chief

Newly elected Democratic Party President Seiji Maehara, who won the party’s leadership vote on Friday, will begin changing the policies that existed under former DP President Renho.

Maehara is calling for a review of the DP’s cooperation with the Japanese Communist Party for elections, and is showing a willingness to reorganize the opposition parties with the DP as a nucleus.

But a bumpy road is ahead, because there are liberal party members and members in prefectural chapters who are cautious about his policy direction. (Skip the rest)


 今回取り上げるワードは、“turbulent” /tə́ːrbjələnt/ です。


また『New Oxford American Dictionary 』(第三版、Oxford University Press ) によると、“turbulent” の語源は、“late Middle English: from Latin turbulentus ‘full of commotion,’ from turba ‘crowd’ とありました。

 したがいまして,ここの“Turbulent path”は、「いばらの道」、「前途多難」といった訳をつけるのが良いでしょう。記事では、このワードが “bumpy road” に言い換えられています。直訳すれば、「困難の多い道」です。


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