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double down


 記事の中で気になった表現は"double down"です。英辞郎によると「倍賭けする◆ギャンブルにおいて、負けるたびに賭け金を2倍ずつ増やし続けること。負けが続いても、勝った時点でそれまでの損金を全て取り戻すことができる。」という意味がありました。情報がリークされてしまっては,アップルが公式に新製品を発表する際のインパクトが小さくなってしまうと思います。(Ume)

Apple suffers 'major iPhone X leak'

Two news sites were given access to an as-yet-unreleased version of the iOS operation system.

The code refers to an iPhone X in addition to two new iPhone 8 handsets. It also details facial recognition tech that acts both as an ID system and maps users' expressions onto emojis.

One tech writer said it was the biggest leak of its kind to hit the firm.

Apple is holding a launch event at its new headquarters on Tuesday.

The California-based company takes great efforts to keep its technologies secret until its showcase events, and chief executive Tim Cook spoke in 2012 of the need to "double down" on concealment measures.