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horse-trading 復習


BERLIN (AFP-Jiji) — Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday that she would talk with all mainstream parties about trying to form a “good, stable” government after Germany’s watershed election, and vowed to try to win back voters who supported an upstart nationalist force.


But with marked differences on issues ranging from EU integration to immigration, months of horse-trading could lie ahead to build a new government and avert snap elections.


 horse-tradingを取り上げます。そのまま「馬の貿易」と訳してしまうと意味がおかしいので『ジーニアス英和辞典』で調べると主に新聞用語で「抜け目のない取引[駆引き]」とありました。インターネットで調べると、細かな条件をひとつずつgive & takeて交換し合うような抜け目の無い交渉と記載されておりました。また、horse-traderで「交渉が上手な人」を指すようです。(Kiwi girl)

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