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fan out 復習


Suspect captured in 'heinous' Maryland workplace shooting that killed 3

A man suspected of killing three co-workers today in Maryland has been captured in Delaware, officials said.

Radee Labeeb Prince, 37, allegedly shot five people, killing three, at the Advanced Granite Solutions office in Edgewood, Maryland, Wednesday morning.

Prince was caught Wednesday evening after a short foot chase in Newark, Delaware, after authorities received a tip that he had been seen in a neighborhood, a law enforcement source told ABC News. State and local law enforcement officers, as well as federal agents, descended on the neighborhood, fanning out to look for Prince, the source said.


 取り上げる表現は"fan out"です。「扇」という意味の"fan"と「外へ、遠くへ」という意味を持つ"out"が付くことで、「散らばる」などの意味を予測しました。『ジーニアス英和辞典』第4版(大修館)で調べてみると、「扇形に広がる、(軍隊、警官が)散開する、展開する、(人が)散らばる」とありました。LDOCEでは、"if a group of people fan out, they walk forwards while spreading over a wide area"や"if something such as hair or clothing fans out, it spreads out in many directions"と定義されていました。ここでは、容疑者の捜索のために警察たちは散開したことが分かります。(Akim)

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