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engulf in 復習


9 injured in large fire atop 6-story apartment building

A large fire on the top floors of a six-story New York City apartment building has resulted in nine minor injuries.

The fire started Friday afternoon on the Harlem building's top floor, which was engulfed in flames as thick smoke billowed.

The Fire Department of New York says more than 200 firefighters are at the scene.

Seven firefighters, a police officer and one other person have suffered minor injuries.

The American Red Cross has opened a reception area in the neighborhood to assist families left homeless by the fire.

A Red Cross spokeswoman says 22 families have been put up in hotels.


 取り上げる表現は"engulf in"です。接頭辞の"en"は"in"と同様に「中に入れる」という動作を指しているので、なんとなく意味は想像できます。『ジーニアス英和辞典』第4版(大修館)で調べてみると、「(波、戦争、火などが)…を飲み込む、巻き込む」や「(恐怖、絶望、苦痛などが)(人を)圧倒する、襲う」とありました。"be engulfed in"で「飲み込まれる」となるので、ここではアパートが炎で包まれている様子が表されています。LDOCEでは、"to completely surround or cover something"と定義されています。(Akim)

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