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shun 復習

Donald Trump says he shunned Time over Person of the Year

 Time Magazine is disputing US President Donald Trump's account of how he rejected a request for an interview and photo shoot ahead of its Person of the Year issue.

On Friday, Mr Trump tweeted that Time had called to say he was "probably" going to be named Person of the Year.

 But Time later said the president was incorrect about how it makes its choice.

The president was awarded the title last year.

 He has previously falsely claimed that he holds the record for cover appearances on Time Magazine.(Skip the rest)


 今回取り上げる語は、shun /ʃˈʌn/ です。


 次に語源を確認します。Oxford Dictionary of English (2nd Edition Revised)をみると、“Old English scunian ‘abhor, shrink back with fear, seek from an enemy’, of unknown origin” とありました。

 最後に類語を紹介します。この語の類語として、reject や snub があります。LDOCEで各語の意味を確認すると、shun は、“to deliberatley avoid someone or something” とあり、reject は、“to refuse to accept, believe in, or agree with something” 、そして最後が、snub で、“to treat someone rudely, especially by ignoring them when you meet” とあり、ここからそれらの意味の違いを考えることができます。(OkaUchi)