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USA Men's Team Vs. Russia Was About More Than Just Hockey

Both on and off the ice, the U.S.-Russia rivalry remains chippy. The Americans still have a shot at a rematch, though they now have to win an extra game to qualify for the quarterfinals, while the Russians earned a bye into that round. “We’re here to do big things,” says Greenway. “I don’t see any reason why we’re not in the gold medal game.” That’s some tough talk. If the Americans somehow get there and meet Russia, however, they may need another Miracle on Ice.


chippyを取り上げます。『ジーニアス英和辞典』(第五版,大修館)を引いたところ、「〈カナダ・方言〉けんか腰の,怒りっぽい」、「〈アイスホッケーの試合が〉荒っぽい,ペナルティの多い」などと載っておりました。Oxford Dictionary of English (2th) には、 “touchy and irritate”や “(of an ice-hockey game) rough and belligerent with numerous penalties”と定義されております。



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