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rendition 復習


Dua Lipa, Stormzy take top honors at BRIT awards

LONDON (Reuters) — Singers Dua Lipa and Stormzy were the biggest winners at this year’s BRIT awards, Britain’s most high-profile pop music awards, taking two trophies each at an event that saw performances from some of music’s biggest acts.

Lipa was named best female solo artist and breakthrough act at the British Record Industry Trust (BRIT) awards, held in London on Wednesday, while rapper Stormzy won the British male solo artist prize and British album of the year for “Gang Signs & Prayer.”

Ed Sheeran took the global success award but lost in the three other categories in which he was nominated, while One Direction star Harry Styles won for video of the year by a British artist.

Foo Fighters took the prize for international group. U.S. rapper Kendrick Lamar was named best international male artist, with New Zealand singer Lorde taking the female solo artist honors.

The event featured performances from the likes of Sheeran, Lipa and Lamar, who rapped on top of a glass cube containing a luxury car that was smashed up by a man wielding a bat.

Lamar’s act appeared to suffer from technical difficulties that muted periods of his performance, leading fans on social media to express their frustration.

Other artists went for grand scale. Justin Timberlake opened the show with a rendition of “Say Something” accompanied by a scores-strong choir dotted throughout the audience, while Dua Lipa was accompanied by dozens of dancers, also scattered throughout the arena.


 取り上げる単語は"rendition" /rendíʃən/です。『ジーニアス英和辞典』第4版(大修館)で調べてみると、「(音楽、劇の)解釈、演奏、上演(performance)、翻訳」などの意味がありました。また、"rendering"にも同様の意味があり、動詞では、"render"となります。LDOCEでは、"someone’s performance of a play, piece of music etc"と定義されています。(Akim)

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