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full-blown 復習


SAN FRANCISCO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Chinese smartphone maker ZTE Corp.’s U.S. woes deepened on Tuesday, as regulators proposed new rules that could cut into its sales, while a supply ban means it may not be able to use Android software in its devices, according to a source.

The U.S. Commerce Department banned American firms on Monday from selling parts and software to ZTE for seven years. The move was sparked by ZTE’s violation of an agreement that was reached after it was caught illegally shipping U.S. goods to Iran.

Then on Tuesday a U.S. telecoms regulator proposed new rules that would bar government programs from buying from companies that it says pose a security threat to U.S. telecoms networks, which will likely hurt both ZTE and rival Chinese smartphone maker Huawei Technologies.

The moves threaten to further complicate relations between the United States and China. The two countries have already proposed tens of billions of dollars in tariffs in recent weeks, fanning worries of a full-blown trade war that could hurt global supply chains as well as business investment plans.



気になったフレーズはfull-blown /fʊl bləʊn/です。



また、LDOCEでは “having all the qualities of something that is at its most complete or advanced stage” と記載されていました。

記事に戻ると、米商務省がZTEに対し、7年間の禁輸措置を発表しました。これは米企業との取引が行えなくなるというもので、ソフトウェアも対象となっています。Android自体は使用を禁じられることはないそうですが、GMS(Google Mobile Service)と呼ばれる一連のサービスがインストールされないのではないかという懸念が起きています。ZTEが今後もAndroid端末を引き続き販売できるのか気になります。(sixth-dan)

full-blown 復習 - 田邉祐司ゼミ 常時英心:言葉の森から

full-blown #2 - 田邉祐司ゼミ 常時英心:言葉の森から

full-blown - 田邉祐司ゼミ 常時英心:言葉の森から