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pageantry 復習

Harry and Meghan, or hostile environment: which is the real spirit of Britain? …

 The rest of the world is baffled by Britain – and understandably so. In the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, directed by Danny Boyle, we dramatised a confidence, openness and multiplicity that only a nation at ease with itself could muster. The global “soft power” of our language, cultural and scientific institutions, and international development programmes – still ringfenced by the Treasury – remains formidable. And on Saturday, hundreds of millions around, of monarchy and modernity, as you could hope for. (Skip the rest)


 今回取り上げる語は、pageantry /pˈædʒəntri/ です。語構成から pageant が語幹であると推測できます。意味等を以下で確認していきます。

 まず意味を Cambridge Dictionary でみると、“impressive and colourful ceremonies” とあり、Collins Dictionary には “People use pageantry to refer to the colourful and formal things that are done for special official or royal occasions, for example the wearing of special clothes and the playing of special music.” と定義されていました。

 次に語源を ONLINE ETYMOLOGY DICTIONARY でみると、“splendid display," 1650s; see pageant + -ry.” とあり、pageant を確認すると “late 14c., "play in a cycle of mystery plays," from Medieval Latin pagina, of uncertain origin, perhaps from Latin pagina "page of a book" (see page (n.1)) on notion of "manuscript" of a play.” とありました。

 以上のことから、pageantry は「堂々とした色彩豊かな式典」という意味を持つことがわかりました。(OkaUchi)