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intrusive 復習

 この程の米朝首脳会談では両国が「(北朝鮮政府の) 段階的な非核化」に向けて協力すると約束されましたが、具体的な軍縮計画を打ち出しておらず、両国が目指す今後の方向性については不明瞭な点が残るものとなりました。

WASHINGTON — President Trump declared Wednesday that North Korea is “no longer a nuclear threat” to the United States even though the two sides had yet to forge a concrete disarmament plan and offered incomplete accounts of what they agreed to during this week’s summit meeting in Singapore.

Rejoicing in the glow of a historic encounter, Mr. Trump returned to Washington and portrayed his agreement with Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, as a signal achievement that meant that the outcast state was no longer the United Statesmost dangerous problem. But the path to disarmament remained no clearer a day after the meeting.

North Korea’s state-controlled news media described a step-by-step process to dismantle its nuclear weapons, with the United States rewarding it at each stage, something Mr. Trump has seemed to reject in the past. Mr. Trump’s team insisted that North Korea had agreed to an intrusive inspection regime even though Pyongyang made no mention of that.

The confusion stemmed from a joint statement that was long on lofty language and short on specifics. Signed Tuesday with a flourish by Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim, the statement offered more aspiration than action, clocking in at only 391 words.


 intrusive /ɪntrúːsɪv/ に注目しました。『ジーニアス英和辞典第5版』(大修館) によると「押しでがましい、お節介な、でしゃばりな」といった意味があります。次に『ケンブリッジ英英辞典』をみてみると “affecting someone in a way that annoys them and makes them feel uncomfortable” あるいは “being involved in a situation where you are not wanted or do not belong” と定義されていて、当人が望んでいない所で何か行動を起こしその人を不快な気持ちにさせたりいらいらさせたりする様を表していると窺えます。

 intrusive はラテン語で「押し込む、入り込む」といった意味のある “intrudere” から派生した intrude の形容詞形であることがわかりました。また intrude は「押す」というニュアンスのある “trud“ / “trus” に強意を示す接頭時 “in” が組み合わさった語であることもわかりました。


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