田邉祐司ゼミ 常時英心:言葉の森から


audacious 復習

 アメリカで大人気の実力派女優 Amy Adamsにインタビューをした内容が掲載されています。

LOS ANGELES — Amy Adams reached into her fanny pack and fished out a stick of sunscreen. “I’m such a mom-nerd,” she apologized, as if sensing the pretense of Hollywood Glamour melt with each dab to her flush, freckled cheeks. It was a late morning in June and the sun was high; there was nothing to apologize for. But she is congenitally polite and, as she stared up at the storied Art Deco observatory in Griffith Park here, on an 1,100-foot summit of Mount Hollywood, maybe a tiny bit self-conscious.


“It was a whole other level,” she said, comparing the part to other damaged characters she’s played in the past. But she had been attracted to the novel’s audacious reframing of the female detective archetype. “I like when you can take genre and turn it into its own thing,” she said. “That’s something I’m always interested in — trying to defy expectations.”


 audacious /ɔːdéɪʃəs/ を注目しました。『ジーニアス英和辞典第5版』(大修館) によると「大胆な、ずぶとい、厚かましい」といった意味があります。『ケンブリッジ英英辞典』をみると “showing a willingness to take risks or offend people” とあり、他社に対して負荷をかけたり好戦的な振る舞いをする様を表していると窺えます。

 Weblio によれば audaciousフランス語で「生意気な、強気な」という意味のある “audacieux” が語源とされていることがわかりました。


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