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slouch 復習


9-year-old disaster victim dreamed of dance career

A 9-year-old boy with dreams of becoming a professional dancer was one of the victims of the devastating rains in western Japan.

Kaito Yokota of Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture, was a fourth-grade elementary school student in the city’s Yoshidacho district. He was killed in the disaster, which also claimed the lives of his mother, Mami, 41, and grandmother, Kazue, 67.

Thunderous sounds were heard as the slopes of the mountain behind his home, where the family of three lived, collapsed early Saturday morning. The two-story wooden house was buried under the mud.


A list of eight goals to improve his dancing skills, handwritten by Kaito, was posted on a wall in his home. They included “Firmly stretch out arms,” and “No slouching, stand up straight.” Mami took a photo of the list in April and shared it with friends via the Line smartphone app.



slouch /slάʊtʃ/ を取り上げます。後ろに続くstand up straightという部分から、No slouchingは「だらけないで」という意味になるかと思いました。『ライトハウス英和辞典』(第5版 研究社)で調べると「(だらけて)前かがみに歩く(座る、立つ)」とありました。

 LDOCEには “to stand, sit, or walk with a slouch” とあり、名詞のslouchについては “a way of standing, sitting, or walking with your shoulders bent forward that makes you look tired or lazy” と定義されています。

 ちなみに、縁のたれているソフト帽のことをslouch hatというそうです。英辞郎 on the WEBには「もともと18世紀の軍人がかぶった、フェルト製でつばが広く、顎に掛けるひもがついた帽子」と説明されていました。(aqua

be no slouch on (at) 復習 - 田邉祐司ゼミ 常時英心:言葉の森から

be no slouch (at) - 田邉祐司ゼミ 常時英心:言葉の森から