田邉祐司ゼミ 常時英心:言葉の森から


transfix 復習


With Thai team freed, Hollywood looks to movie

The dramatic rescue of a Thai boys soccer team and their coach from a flooded cave complex this week transfixed news viewers around the world for more than two weeks, and the story is already headed for a retelling by Hollywood.

Divers freed the last four of the 12 boys and their adult coach on Tuesday.

The saga is reminiscent of the 2010 rescue of 33 Chilean miners who were trapped for 69 days, a tale that was turned into the 2015 movie “The 33” starring Antonio Banderas.

Two production companies are now looking to put together movies about the Thai soccer team rescue.



transfix /trænsfíks/ を取り上げます。fixという語が含まれており、人々の関心を集める様子を表していると思いました。『ライトハウス英和辞典』(第5版 研究社)で調べると「1(文語)(…)を突き刺す(with, on) 2(普通は受身で)(恐怖などが)(人)を立ちすくませる(with)」とありました。

 LDOCEには “to surprise, interest, frighten etc someone so much that they do not move” や “to make a hole through something or someone with a sharp pointed weapon” と定義されています。


transfix - 田邉祐司ゼミ 常時英心:言葉の森から

transfix - 田邉祐司ゼミ 常時英心:言葉の森から