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tailspin 復習


Abe’s proxy makes offering to Yasukuni as lawmakers visit

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe asked a proxy to make a monetary offering at Yasukuni Shrine on Aug. 15, the anniversary of Japan's defeat in World War II, but stopped short of visiting the shrine that honors Japan's war dead, along with 14 Class-A war criminals.

Abe visited Yasukuni Shrine in late 2013, about a year after beginning his second stint as prime minister. That triggered strong protests from China and South Korea, and relations with the two neighbors went into a tailspin.



 tailspinを取り上げます。文脈から関係が悪化することを表現している単語だと推測しました。『ウィズダム英和辞典』を引いたところ、「(状況の)悪化、動揺、意気消沈;ろうばい」とありました。また、LDOCEではin/into a tailspinで“in or into a bad situation that keeps getting worse in a way that you cannot control”と定義されています。

 記事ではin a tailspinの前にwentをもってきて、安倍首相靖国を参拝した当時、中国韓国の二カ国との関係が悪化したことを表現しています。(Blue Sky)