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hardliner 復習


India arrests 750 in temple clashes

Two days of violent protests in south India sparked by two women entering one of Hinduism’s holiest temples have seen more than 750 people arrested, police said, as they braced for more trouble Friday.

The Sabarimala temple in Kerala state has been at the center of a prolonged showdown between Hindu devotees and women activists over access to the shrine.

As well as those arrested during the clashes over 600 have been taken into preventive detention, police spokesman V.P. Pramod Kumar told AFP.


Thousands of Hindu devotees, many of them female, had previously succeeded in preventing women from accessing the site in the weeks following the landmark ruling, with some hardliners throwing stones at police and assaulting female journalists.



 hardliners /hɑ́rdlàɪnɚ/ を取り上げます。hardという語が含まれているところから、頑なに何かをする人のことを表しているのではないかと思いました。『ライトハウス英和辞典』(第5版 研究社)で調べるとhard-linerで「強硬(路線)論者」とありました。hard lineは名詞で「強硬路線」、形容詞のhard-lineは「強硬路線の」という意味をそれぞれ持ちます。

 LDOCEにはhard-lineの形で “having extreme political beliefs, and refusing to change them” と定義されています。


hard-line 復習 - 田邉祐司ゼミ 常時英心:言葉の森から

take an increasingly hard-line stance - 田邉祐司ゼミ 常時英心:言葉の森から