weather whiplash


The big players of weird winter weather

Get ready for weather whiplash as powerful climatic forces elbow each other for starring roles in a weird winter show.

The spine-chilling polar vortex is taking center stage in Europe and bringing persistent cold to much of North America — except in Hollywood, where soggy El Nino won’t give up the spotlight.

El Nino delivered a balmy Christmas Eve to the eastern U.S. and shattered national records with a warm, wet and wild December, but meteorologists say the situation is about to change.

“The biggest thing is this whiplash,” said University of Oklahoma Meteorology Prof. Jason Furtado. “It’s going to be a shock for people.”

The center of the cold blast starts this weekend in the United States in the upper Midwest, and then moves to the Hudson Bay area next week, while in Europe it starts in the east and north and then spreads, Furtado said.

取り上げるのは”weather whiplash”になります。”whiplash”と聞くと、「鞭打ち」をすぐに連想しますが、”weather”と組み合わせるとどのような意味合いになるのでしょう。「異常気象」に近い意味合いなのでしょうか。About.comの記事では” The term "weather whiplash" describes the rapid transition from one extreme weather event to another opposing extreme event.”と定義されていました。



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