2009-05-05 Extreme Autofest with D1 GP


One day before the Dai’s Driving Academy, May 2nd, I have been walking between show cars at Angel Stadium with pen and clip board.

I had participated Extreme Autofest with D1 Grand Prix as a judge(!!) of the car show.

I was in charge of Honda and Acura class and judged about 50 show cars.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090502064335j:image:leftAll kind of show cars gathered in Extreme Autofest, not only sports compact cars. DUB style, Low-riders, VIP, Spo-com, JDM, etc, etc. Even in Honda class, there are many of low-rider Accords, Civics, not only traditional performance modified cars. I was wondering how I can compare clean Integra with full of authentic JDM parts and fully modified low-rider Accord…. They are both great, but the tastes are totally different. Lucky, Extreme Autofest got many Hondas & Acuras to divide into 3 classes.


Honda/Acura Show (Low-rider, DUB style cars)

Honda/Acura Street (Spo-com, Performance modified car)

JDM (all JDM conversion cars, not only Honda/Acura)

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090502040013j:image:leftIt was a fresh experience judging the cars and talking with car owners. Especially, Low-rider Hondas are totally different from Hondas I usually deal with.

Edging on the head cover, air brush painting on valve cover, glass radiator pipe...full of show feature, but see the radiator. It's FUEDYNE!! – a famous race radiator company.

I felt hot passion from all car owners. This guy shows his love to his Civic on the T-shirt!



It was long day...just for judging. I didn't have time to see drift competition during the day... But, I had to be serious as same as the owners of the cars. Everyone is so so serious.


This team built a cage(!!) for showing the Panda Integra, not Panda Trueno...

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090502083508j:image:left This is the trophy everybody fight for!! 5ZIGEN model Jeniffer and a new girl from International Allstars (sorry! I forgot her name) handed prizes to winners of every class. Thank you for your hard work!


Next Extreme Autofest will be RENO, NV. Please visit their website for the detail. http://www.extremeautofest.com/

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