2009-05-13 5ZIGEN SUPRA in TORC at Queen Mary


14th annual All Toyotafest, organized by T.O.R.C (Toyota Owners and Restorers Club) was taken place at Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA Saturday May 9.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090509041802j:image:leftAs we announced before the event, 5ZIGEN USA displayed GT500 Supra for all Toyota and 5ZIGEN race fans. We enjoyed show with full of nice Toyota cars from old Crowns, 2000GTs to newest Scions and Lexus IS-Fs under fine blue sky with nice ocean breeze.


5ZIGEN Supra was displayed next to D's Club booth which have been selling Toyota and drifting theme T-shirts. They helped promote "Black Lightning Gloves" in this event. Check their products at http://www.jdmop.com/

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090509040434j:image:left Red Matrix with FN01R-C Titanium Bronze

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090509005754j:image:left My favorite Lexus in the show was this black SC. It’s like stealth jet fighter on the highway.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090509010229j:image:left VIP specialist in Torrance, VIP Auto Salon has already brought fully built up sport/luxury IS-F. www.vipautosalon.com

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090509025358j:image:left Left: Crown Wagon in 70's known as "whale Crown" Right: This is true JDM + VIP + old-school, Toyota Century

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090509040455j:image:left FN01R-C Titanium Bronze 17x8.0 +35 5-100 on E120 Corolla.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090509040845j:image:left Colorful Corollas and Queen Mary in the back

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090509040726j:image:left Silver Matrix shows good valance of sports and luxury with Sports Engine SC3000.


One of the most popular AE86 in this show - Hiro Hatada's orange RHD N2 style race car.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090509041238j:image:left VIP style Previa with custom fitted MEGA muffler!!

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090509041332j:image:left Combination of FN01-C 17x10.0 & stretched tire is one of the popular set up for MZ80 Cressida.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090509064506j:image:left Ray-san of KAAZ USA brought his private Hachiroku

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090509064416j:image:left 5ZIGEN Supra goes back to 5ZIGEN USA warehouse with flat-bed, after having very good day with Toyota fans. See you soon!!

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