2009-05-22 Fujita Engineering


As famous as FEED brand, Fujita Engineering has acted as a rotary specialist and parts manufactuer in Japan for long time. They selected 5ZIGEN USA as a distributor in North American market.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20031010152329j:image:left Fujita's specialty parts for Mazda cars, under FEED, AFFLUX and Sonic brands, can be special order through 5ZIGEN dealers near you!

←AFFLUX body kit for RX-8

Fujita Engineering's the most famous product among car enthusiasts in the US might be this...


AFFLUX Ver. 5 wide body kit for FD3S RX-7 used for our ZR+520 advertisements.

The price for the full kit will be over $25,000.00.

Waiting for serious inquiries from show car, time attack car builders!!

Learn more about Fujita Engineering products,

visit: http://www.fujita-eng.com/index2.html

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090523120915p:image:left As I have announced other day, MAZFEST 2009 is tomorrow! Hoping to see a lot of Mazda fans at Fontana!! To check the detail of the event, check MAZFEST 2009 official website: http://www.mazfest.com/