2009-05-27 5ZIGEN TSX backed home!!


According to 5ZIGEN Japan blog, our time attack TSX has safely arrived at our factory in Osaka.

Now, the TSX is back to her original name.

She will be called as Accord Euro-R or just CL7 in Japan.

Here are some pictures that Team 5ZIGEN race crews unload the Accord from the container.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090528141722j:image:left The CL7 was fasten with wood blocks and tie-downs in the container. It looks the car was fixed very well.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090528141721j:image:left One of the mechanics sneaks in small space between the car and wall of the container to take the nails out from the wood blocks.


The car was transferred to a flat-bed towing truck parked behind of the container, because there is no container doc in 5ZIGEN Japan facility. It looks the car has no damage.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090528141718j:image:left The Accord lands from the flat-bed during our CEO, Mr. Kinoshita, takes pictures of the car for his blog. What is Mr. Kinoshita's plan for time attack this year?

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