2009-05-31 ProRacer SP on Octane Report


New informative web magazine called Octane Report has been launched. This new web magazine covers many kinds of motorsports, street modified cars and road test of new cars. ProRacer SP exhaust systems for Nissan 350Z and 370Z are introduced on their Product Review page.


In this product review page, we disclosed the diagram of the exhaust systems.

You can see their uniquie layout including the 3rd muffler which we can not see from the pictures.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20080715152142j:image:left Rear view of 350Z with ProRacer SP. The tail tips have 114mm diameter. There is the 3rd muffler above the two mufflers shown, behind the rear bumper.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090602073629j:image:left 370Z's rear view - tail tip diameter is 100mm. 370Z system also has the 3rd muffler to balance the performance and noise level to meet strict regulation in Japan.

Check Octane Report for the diagram of the exhausts. Also update the motorsports news and product releases from all over the world with Octane Report!!