2009-06-09 Super Taikyu Round 3, Suzuka


The same weekend while I was enjoying nice ocean breeze in Santa Barbara attending Subaru Summer Solstice, 5ZIGEN Japan's race team had been racing in the Super Taikyu Round 3, Suzuka.

The result was qualified at 2nd, and finished 3rd in the ST-3 class.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090526103711j:image:left Many parts, including drive train which had problem last race were changed and updated. Drivers and mechanics check the NSX after morning practice.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090527093050j:image:left Suspension set up had to be changed from rain to dry, because the qualify session day before was rain condition.

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090610081649j:image:left The NSX on the starting grid - it was overall 16th; even it is 2nd in ST-3 class. Everyone hope clean and safe start.


5ZIGEN NSX on the Suzuka - there were some accidents and the position dropped to 5th in the class. Checkered flag was down when we recovered to class 3rd. All 5ZIGEN fans and staffs, including many of sales staff came from Osaka, were wishing them to stand top of the podium...

f:id:GOZIGEN-USA:20090610083602j:image:left All we hope is class win at next round!!

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