2009-06-13 1 week to Dai’s Driving Academy 2


Another good driving event is coming soon!!

The Dai's Driving Academy 2 is going to be held June 20 at El Toro field Irvine, CA. As same as their last event in April, this is a driving event everyone can enjoy.

It is also very low cost - only $80.00 for driving big, flat, safe course of El Toro all day. Don't miss this chance to drive your car with full throttle with safe environment!!



JDM Option staff work very hard to entertain all drivers and crews, not only just low entry fee. They asked me to donate prizes for raffle at the track. So, 5ZIGEN USA donate above raffle prizes!! Left: 5ZIGEN T-shirt autographed by Ryo Michigami who was the 06 & 07 5ZIGEN time attack driver. Right: Hazardous Sports Helmet Case which we started to distribute in the USA and Japan. This is light weight protection case for your helmets which protect you!! The Hazardous helmet case is also available at http://www.5zigenusastore.com/ (under 5ZIGEN's partners items)


Please contact to JDM Option for detail and registration.

Hurry to register!! Hoping to see many of 5ZIGEN users running!!

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