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HTC WingsとTouch Slide 19:38


■2 sliders from HTC leaked: HTC S730 ( HTC Wings ) and HTC touch slide ( HTC Nike )


HTC touch slide ( HTC Nike ) :

powered by Windows Mobile 6 Professional (for devices touch-screen)

slide-out keyboard with special design, where each key handles 2 letters - not exactly QWERTY keyboard but it makes typing easier than in case of regular cellphone keypads (with 3 letters on each key) ; furthermore thanks to this design the size of keys is not too small

Qualcomm 400Mhz

3G video calling with a camera in the front



HTC TouchFLO technology for improved finger-based usage ; it is expected that HTC touch slide features improved version of HTC TouchFLO where circle-based gestures are used to zoom-in and zoom-out

HTC S730 ( HTC Wings ) :

powered by Windows Mobile 6 Standard (for devices without touch-screen)

slide-out QWERTY keyboard

Qualcomm 400Mhz

3G video calling with a camera in the front



CPU 400Mhzなのでそこそこですね。

HTC Slideの画像 13:30

■HTC TouchにスライドQWERTY


You remember the HTC event taking place on Monday? Well, it seems my suspicions were correct... one of the 3 devices launching is a new evolution of the HTC Touch, branded the HTC Touch slide!

The device will look very similar to the touch, and feature 3G + HSDPA, a 400MHz Qualcomm processor (that we're all rather used to now), a 2 megapixel camera, microSD expansion and a first-of-a-kind for Windows Mobile Suretype keyboard, a-la-Blackberry Pearl.

'Superior Gadgets News' (which looks like a created-for-this-leak-blogger-account) have scored some awesome photos, which you'll find below.

I think this device is gonna be HUGE! Remember to stay tuned for our coverage of the launch on Monday!

3G/HSDPA/CPU400Mhz QVGA(かな?) GPSは無さそう?

HTC Touchの改良版? 10:07

■HTC to Slide out a Touch revamp?


HTC's got a bunch of new handsets ready to reveal, including a rumoured update to the Touch with a slide-down keypad

Looks like HTC's been listening to all those Apple fans who wish the iPhone had a keypad. It's rumoured to be about to release a version of its iPhone-rivalling Touch, with proper slide-down keys.

Looking like a regular Touch but in slider form, it gets an N95-sized, 2.6in touchscreen and looks to have similar overall dimensions to the Nokia smartphone.

Windows Mobile 6.0 is on-board and we wait to see whether the TouchFLO interface has been better plumbed-in than the veneer-like integration of the original.

HSDPA and Wi-Fi are also reportedly both inside, along with a microSD slot and a modest 2MP camera.

It's expected to be revealed Monday.


[]pTravelAlarm 目覚ましアプリ 00:19




■設定 アラームは10個まで登録可能 曜日指定も可能 スヌーズや音量設定、SDや内蔵メモリーに入っているWAVやMP3も利用できます。完璧


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