I'm all right,having lived a life very normally!


When i mention to this current big disaster in Japan,i'd have nothing to say about it...Now is the time to mourn for tons of dead who accidentally pass away...it's so called AI-TO.

And just 1 week ago,I've been at work in Tokyo.and the unbelievable earthquake I've never met hit us.

But Tokyo is so magical city that we've got very safe and stayed NO HARM AT ALL.It makes me wonder how come...anyway I gave a sigh.

I've been composed some requiem,and which is,you know,some gift I can't help composing such...and It should be just bluesy and folky stuff...

We japs have been getting used to such natural terrorism,so do I.

So i'll tell you first,I'm okay!

I gotta keep alive and keep it real as I were!

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