All right. :D


ChoRenSha68k 1-ALL.

Didn't die once until the final boss, who took me down to nothing. I pulled through somehow and got a 1up on stage 2-0, which got me to the boss, who well...annihilated me. Still, not bad for my second credit in over a year, right?

....right? (;´_ヽ`)


Played some ESP Ra.De. today


Momijitsuki - 4,844,970 - 5 - J.B. the 5th

First try since in quite a while. Stage 4 still ruins me.



An excuse to test my new camera


Played some Futari again today, finally-- my Xbox 360 has been acting weird, not reading discs, etc. For some reason, when I turned it on today, it worked properly, with no need for percussive maintenance. Not only that, but I did better in 1.5 Original than I ever have before. Perhaps that HRAP EX-SE is finally starting to click with me?

Would you look at that. No blur or graininess anymore! (・‿・)☆


Felt like it took me 495 years to get around to beating Flandre


Done and done, however-- my first try in ages gives me a victory. How nice~

Also, here's the replay if you're interested.

Captured all spell cards except for EX-Patchouli's 'Royal Flare', Flandre's 'Maze of Love', 'Counter Clock', 'And Then There Will Be None?' and 'Ripples of 495 Years'. Not bad, if I do say so myself~ (´ー`)y〜


I played some Battle Bakraid today.


Beat my old top score and made it partway through stage 6 for the first time. A stage full of midbosses, how cheap. xD

I think it was a pretty nice run overall, though. I never did learn how to milk the stage 1 boss. I should try that sometime.

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