Short update:


I now own the top three places on the scoreboard on the Zero Gunner cab at college.

Given, all of the other top scores were bad, and so are mine.

Mine are just less bad. :P

Oh, and Windows 7 arrived, using that now. It's quite nice, but I'll probably talk more about that later.

KOAKOA 2009/11/01 01:45 There are some things about Windows7 that I really hate. Then again, I'm not so used to it considering I'm an avid XP user in the past. :/

dwrkoadwrkoa 2009/11/02 03:07 Windows7 takes a lot of getting used to... for me anyway.

MomijitsukiMomijitsuki 2009/11/02 08:19 Well, I had used XP ever since it had been released before I got my hands on Vista last year-- and even then, I already knew that people hated it. But I never had any issues with it, and I loved it, so Windows 7 was just the next logical step for me. Frankly, the only thing I really needed to get used to is the new Taskbar system, and that's not so bad. :P

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