I completed Mushihimesama Futari Black Label Original Mode.

This was my first ever CAVE 1cc, and despite it not being anything outstanding, I'm incredibly proud of it. It took me a long time to come this far, but I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere when it comes to these games. I remember when I used to panicbomb a lot on Touhou games... on Easy. It's amazing what practice will do.


Eh, haven't updated for a while now


I've been rather distracted from this, it seems. College is like a bully. It'll knock you to the ground, and kick you while you're down.

Anyway, I finally have Mushihimesama Futari, and it is wonderful. I may not have hit my goal in Mushihimesama-- either of them-- but who cares? I have Mushihimesama Futari now!

My current top scores:

Ver. 1.5 Original:

Ver. 1.5 Maniac:

Arrange Original:

Arrange Maniac:

Arrange Ultra:

None of these are by any means good scores, but it's a start, I guess. I also got the Black Label DLC, and I'm loving Original Mode in that. I may even clear it sooner than later!

So yeah, I'm still here. This awful semester is almost over...




Played a bit of Maniac mode today.

Steadily getting closer to my goal.


This deserves an entry of its own.


Hello, Mushihimesama Arrange mode TLB. Nice to meet you.

Now, kindly die in a fire, 'kay? ヾ(^o^)ノ <3

So, so, SO close. My hands are shaking as I type this. Not only did I come so close to beating the game, I almost doubled my top score as well! Hopefully I can make it onto the Mushihimesama scoreboard at Shmups forum.

New Mushihimesama (Arrange) and Gunbird 2 scores


Nothing impressive, but they're both higher than my old scores, so I guess that's something to be proud of! (^ー^)ノ゛

Mushihimesama - Arrange Mode - 125,773,132

For me, this was a really decent run. I almost beat the Stage 5 boss, and I broke my old score that I posted a few days ago. It's still not a Maniac clear or 100,000,000 in Maniac, but I feel like I'm still getting somewhere. I do wonder, however, how on earth I'm going to be able to deal with the TLB after the Stage 5 boss. It's going to be reaaaaaally hard.

Gunbird 2 - (DC) - Morrigan - 393,000

I love this game. I really, really do. I'd have a whole lot more fun with it if the Dreamcast controller wasn't even more cumbersome than the PS2 controller. I need to invest in some sticks. 〜(ー。ー)ヾ

I'm planning on picking up an HRAP EX for Mushihimesama Futari, Triggerheart Exelica, Raiden Fighters Aces, etc. when I get the chance. I wonder if there's an adapter of sorts that will allow me to use it on my PS2. That would be wonderful.


Short update:


I now own the top three places on the scoreboard on the Zero Gunner cab at college.

Given, all of the other top scores were bad, and so are mine.

Mine are just less bad. :P

Oh, and Windows 7 arrived, using that now. It's quite nice, but I'll probably talk more about that later.

KOAKOA 2009/11/01 01:45 There are some things about Windows7 that I really hate. Then again, I'm not so used to it considering I'm an avid XP user in the past. :/

dwrkoadwrkoa 2009/11/02 03:07 Windows7 takes a lot of getting used to... for me anyway.

MomijitsukiMomijitsuki 2009/11/02 08:19 Well, I had used XP ever since it had been released before I got my hands on Vista last year-- and even then, I already knew that people hated it. But I never had any issues with it, and I loved it, so Windows 7 was just the next logical step for me. Frankly, the only thing I really needed to get used to is the new Taskbar system, and that's not so bad. :P

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