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Jazz Record Requests

Jazz records from across the genre, played in special sequences to highlight the wonders of jazz history. All pieces have been specifically requested by Radio 3 listeners


Sat 6 Mar 2017


BBC Radio 3


Recently listeners have been sending in requests for long-lost albums, and in this week's selection of music in all styles of jazz from the postbag and emails, Alyn Shipton includes a long-lost track by tenor saxophonist Ben Webster recorded in London.

Music Played

01. Skin Deep

Louie Bellson

Composer: Bellson

Performers: Conrad Gozzo, Harry Edison, Maynard Ferguson, Ray Linn, t; Herbert Harper, Hoyt Bohannon, Tommy Peterson, tb; Benny Carter, Willie Smith, Bumps Myers, Wardell Gray, Bob Lawson, reeds; Jimmy Rowles, p; Barney Kessel, g; John Simmons, b; Louis Bellson, d.


Skin Deep

Verve MG N 1046 Side A Tr.1

02. The Ballad of Thelonious Monk

Carmen McRae

Composers: Rowles/ McHugh

Performers: Carmen McRae, v; Jimmy Rowles, p; Joe Pass, g; Chuck Domanico, b; Chuck Flores, d.

Nov 1971

The Great American Songbook (Live)

Atlantic SD2 902 Tr.12

Big Ben Time

Big Ben Time

03. My One and Only Love

Ben Webster

Composer: Wood

Performers: Ben Webster, ts; Dick Katz, p; Alan Haven, org; Spike Heatley, b; Tony Crombie, d.

Jan 1967

Big Ben Time

Philips 840-820-2 Side A Tr.2

04. Spring Cleaning

Fats Waller

Composers: Samuels/ Whitcup/ Powell

Performers: Herman Autrey, t; Gene Sedric, ts, cl; Al Casey, g; Fats Waller, p, v; Charlie Turner, b; Slick Jones, d.


Handful of Keys

Proper Properbox 71 CD3 Tr.18

05. Creole Love Call

Duke Ellington

Composers: Ellington/ Mills

Performers: Louis Metcalf, Bubber Miley, t; Tricky Sam Nanton, tb; Rudy Jackson, Otto Hardwick, Harry Carney, reeds; Duke Ellington, p; Fred Guy, bj; Wellman Braud, b; Sonny Greer, d; Adelaide Hall, v.

26 Oct 1927

Histoire des Big Bands

Chante du Monde 574 1481.90 CD1 Tr.19

06. Scotland The Brave

Ian Menzies & His Clyde Valley Stompers

Composer: trad

Performers: include: Forrie Cairns, cl; Ian Menzies, tb; John Cairns, p; Norrie Brown, bj; Bill Bain, b.


Lonnie Donegan Presents Traditional Jazz

Pye NJL 26 Side B Tr.6

07. Onyx Bringdown

Joe Sullivan

Composer: Sullivan

Performer: Joe Sullivan, p.


Joe Sullivan 1933-1941

Classics 821 Tr.4

08. True Blue

Jack Montrose

Composer: Montrose

Performers: Jack Montrose, ts; Red Norvo, vib; Jim Hall, g; Max Bennett, b; Bill Dolney, d.


The Horn's Full

RCA 45956 Side B Tr.3

09. I've Got Just About Everything I Need

Michael Garrick

Composer: Dorough

Performers: Mark Armstrong, Gabriel Garrick, Paul Jayasinha, Ollie Preece, Martin Shaw, Steve Waterman, t; Brian Archer, Mark Nightingale, Dave Holt, Malcolm Earle Smith, Matt Coleman, Bill Mee, tb; Martin Hathaway, Matt Wates, Paul Booth, Ben Castle, Mike Hall, Jim Tomlinson, Bob McKay, reeds; Michael Garrick, p; Dominic Ashworth, g; Paul Moylan, b; Alan Jackson, d; Anita Wardell, v.


Down on Your Knees

Jazz Academy JAZA 5 Tr.4

10. Gana And Acka Raga

Indo Jazz Fusions

Composer: Mayer

Performers: Joe Harriott, as; Shake Keane, t; Chris Taylor, fl; Pat Smythe, p; Coleridge Goode, b; Alan Ganley, d; Diwan Motihar, sitar; John Mayer, vn; Keshav Sathe, tabla; Chandrahas Paigankar, tambura


Indo Jazz Fusions

Columbia SCX 6122 Tr.3 & 4

11. Bush Baby

Arthur Blythe

Composer: Blythe

Performers: Arthur Blythe, as; Abdul Wadud, vc; Blood Ulmer, g; Bob Stewart, tu; Bobby Battle, d.



CBS 84475 Tr.1

12. East Broadway Rundown

Sonny Rollins

Composer: Rollins

Performers: Sonny Rollins, ts; Freddie Hubbard, t; Jimmy Garrison, b; Elvin Jones, d.

9 May 1966

East Broadway Rundown

Impulse Tr.1



13. The Nearness of You

Bill Charlap

Composer: Carmichael

Performers: Bill Charlap, p; Peter Washington, b; Kenny Washington, d.



Blue Note 7 243 5 41746 2 9 Tr.6

14. Mission Possible

Allan Holdsworth, Anders Johanssen & Jens Johanssen

Composer: Johanssen

Performers: Allan Holdsworth, g; Jens Johanssen, kb; Anders Johanssen, d.


Heavy Machinery

Canyon International PCCY 0119 Tr.4

In the Spirit of Duke

In the Spirit of Duke

15. The Single Petal of A Rose

Scottish National Jazz Orchestra

Composer: Ellington

Performers: Tommy Smith, ts, dir; Brian Kellock, p.


In The Spirit of Duke

Spartacus STS017 Tr.13



16. High Force

Don Weller

Composer: Weller

Performers: Don Weller, Art Themen, Mornington Lockett, Peter King, Nigel Hitchcock, Alan Barnes, reeds; Gerard Presencer, Steve Waterman, Henry Lowther, Patrick White, t; Mark Nightingale, Malcolm Griffiths, Pete Beachill, Andy Fawbert, tb; David Newton, p; Andrew Cleyndert, b; Bryan Spring, d.


33 Jazz 032 Tr.7

Words and Music

A sequence of music interspersed with well-loved and less familiar poems and prose read by leading actors



The Fight Between Carnival and Lent

Sun 7 May 2017


BBC Radio 3


Jenny Agutter and Peter Wight with readings and music inspired by the 1559 oil painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The painting depicts the folk traditions surrounding Carnival and Lent in the German lands in the early decades of the Reformation. The selection of music and readings explores the more universal struggle, between the desire to eat, drink, and let lose, embodied in Carnival, and the spirit of restraint and self-control personified in Lent. Including readings from Rabelais, Baudelaire, Donne, and Emily Dickinson, and music from Verdi, Mozart, Bach and Penderecki.

Producer's Note

This programme was produced to contribute to Radio 3’s series Breaking Free: Martin Luther’s Revolution, marking the 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation. Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s painting of 1559, The Fight Between Carnival & Lent, depicts the religious traditions and tensions in the northern German lands in the decades following the start of the Reformation, and the conceit of the programme is that Bruegel was tapping into the deeper undercurrents and repercussions of the Reformation. Whether the painting is a direct response to the specific ideas in play at the time is a moot point, but it is certainly a work deeply embedded in the cultural setting in which those ideas lived.

But of course the contrast between carnival and lent speaks to a deeper tension in the human condition, between discipline and liberty, release and constraint.

Donne and Lindenberg are intended to present the opening arguments. Donne’s Holy Sonnets offer a painfully personal presentation of a human predicament to which Donne can only see one answer, which is constantly absent: the love of God. I like the oblique, playful but slightly sinister atmosphere created by Lindenberg in Carnival as an alternative response: if what’s underneath is so painful, inhabit the surface instead.

The contrasting calls of Carnival and Lent are developed via a series of readings from Luke’s Gospel, Robert Herrick, Friedrich Nietzsche and Mikhail Bakhtin, along with Karol Szymanowski, Johann Herman Schein, Robert Schumann and Bob Dylan. Matters come to a head over drinking. I enjoyed setting Emily Dickinson’s plea for abstinence and James Stephens’ account of drunken dissatisfaction with two Bach variations on the same theme.

After George Herbert’s beautiful plea for reconciliation in The Invitation, we explore gluttony and an overly moralistic response to it. This opens out into the bleak landscape of Penderecki’s setting of the Improperia, Jesus’ remonstrations against his people from the Luke’s Passion (a piece of music that I find reminiscent of another of Bruegel’s paintings, The Triumph of Death). We end with the end of Lent in Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poetic sigh of relief in Easter Communion, and an extract from Wagner’s Prelude to Parsifal, a piece of music that Cosima Wagner claimed was associated with the thought ‘This is how Good Friday ought to be’.

Producer: Luke Mulhall

First broadcast in May 2017 as part of Radio 3's Breaking Free season of programming exploring the impact of Martin Luther's Revolution.

Music Played


Johann Sebastian Bach

The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080 - Contrapunctus 1

Performer: Academy of St Martin in the Fields, Sir Neville Marriner (Conductor)

Philips 4425562 CD1 Tr.1


Johann Sebastian Bach

Art of Fugue: 14th Contrapunctus

Performer: Keller Quartet

Bach: Art of Fugue ECM

John Donne

Batter my heart, three person’d God, read by Jenny Agutter


Johann Schelle

Durch Adams Fall

Performer: La Capella Ducale, Musica Fiata, Roland Wilson (Conductor)

CPO 999 841-2 Tr.5

Rebecca Lindenberg

Carnival, read by Peter Wight


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Symphony No.40, K.550; I. Molto allegro

Performer: Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan (Conductor)

EMI CDM5661002 Tr.1

Gospel of St Luke, KJV

4:1 – 4, read by Jenny Agutter


Karol Szymanowski

Stabat Mater op.53; 4. ‘Spraw, niech p?acz? z Tob? razem’. Moderato

Performer: BBC Symphony Chorus, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Edward Gardner (Conductor)

Chandos CHSA5123 Tr.4

Robert Herrick

To Keep A True Lent, read by Jenny Agutter


Johann Hermann Schein

Cantional, ‘Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her’

Performer: Cantus Cölln, Konrad Junghänel (Conductor)

Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 05472773592 Tr.9

Friedrich Nietzsche

The Birth of Tragedy, read by Peter Wight


Robert Schumann

Carnaval, op.9; Préambule

Performer: Stefan Vladar

Harmonia Mundi HMC 901890 Tr.13

Mikhail Bakhtin

Rabelais And His World, read by Peter Wight


Bob Dylan

Rainy Day Woman #12 And 35

Performer: Bob Dylan

CBS ?– CDCBS 22130 Tr.1

Charles Baudelaire

Be Drunk, read by Peter Wight


Giuseppe Verdi

La Traviata, “Libiamo ne’ lieti calici” (Brindisi)

Performer: Rolando Villazón, Anna Netrebko, Wiener Philharmoniker, Carlo Rizzi (Conductor)

Deutsche Gramaphon 4775933 CD1 Tr.3


Johann Sebastian Bach

Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079; Canon 2 a 2 violini in unisono

Performer: Academy of St Martin in the Fields, Sir Neville Marriner (Conductor)

Philips 4425562 CD2 Tr.8

Emily Dickinson

I taste a liquor never brewed, read by Jenny Agutter


Johann Sebastian Bach

Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079; Canon 1 a 2 (Canon cancricans)

Performer: Academy of St Martin in the Fields, Sir Neville Marriner (Conductor)

Philips 4425562 CD2 Tr.7

James Stephens

A Glass of Beer, read by Peter Wight


The Drunk Poem, read by Peter Wight


Gyorgy Ligeti

Musica ricercata, Adaptation for Barrel Organ; IV. Tempo de Valse (pocco vivace – “à l’orgue de Barbarie”)

Performer: Pierre Charial (Organ, Barrel)

Sony Classical SK62310 Tr.10

George Herbert

The Invitation, read by Jenny Agutter


Johann Sebastian Bach

Magnificat, BWV 243; 1. Magnificat, tutti

Performer: Ricercar Consort, Philippe Pierlot (Conductor)

Mirare MIR102 Tr.1

Aelred of Rievaulx

A Rule of Life for a Recluse, read by Jenny Agutter


Olivier Messiaen

L’Ascension - (ii) Alléluias Serein D'Une Âme Qui Désire Le Ciel

Performer: Kevin Bowyer (Organ of Salisbury Cathedral)

Continuum CCD1011 Tr.5


Gargantua & Pantagruel, read by Peter Wight


Armstrong, Lillian Hardin/Raye, Don

Struttin’ With Some Barbecue

Performer: Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five

BBC Records And Tapes ?– BBC CD 597 Tr.7

Lonnie Hicks

Gluttony & I, read by Peter Wight


Franz Schubert

String Quartet No.14 in D minor ‘Death & the Maiden’ D810; IV. Presto – Prestissimo

Performer: Ehnes Quartet

ONYX ONYX4163 Tr.4


Second Worcester Sermon, read by Jenny Agutter


Krzysztof Penderecki

St Luke Passion, Part II; Popule Meus (Improperia)

Performer: Warsaw National Philharmonic Choir & Orchestra, Antoni Wit (Conductor)

NAXOS 8 557149 Tr.16

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Easter Communion, read by Jenny Agutter


Richard Wagner

Parsifal, Vorspiel – Prelude – Nicht Dank! Ha, ha! Was wird es helfen?

Performer: Orchestra & Chorus of the Mariinsky Theatre, Valery Gergiev (Conductor)

Mariinsky MAR 0508 CD1 Tr.1

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