bokeboke memo

2018-07-05-Thu rad wimps もjone caleも11日上海かぁ

rad wimps もjohn caleも11日上海かぁ。looks interesting.

started my day with kiwi + yogurt, and a cup of coffee. already chatting with someone from the morning.

a little tip for new comers in china. when strange things happen, you might be surprised, but you need a spirit to don't care and say "happens!" that's what we folks do when we share what happened, everyone goes "yea. happens.," "totally happens." hehe. just relax. :)

i feel like carbonara in lunch, and big salad at the new big bucket salad place. i mean it is really big and there are so many kinds, some folks say it tastes real good and many dressings to choose from. chicken breast, salmon, pastrami, can be added.

more files. have to prepare neurobiology related presentation ne! ;)

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