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2018-07-25-Wed dinner with multi-millionaire investors tnite

dinner with multi-millionaire investors tnite. don't know the whereabouts right now. will find out later.

our folks b&w are in india traveling for summer holidays before they go study in europe and work in taiwan. as for us, we plan buying air ticket to return to the island again for other projects.

busy busy. anyways the salmon creme fettuccine i made last night was fantastic. squeezing lots of lemon on them and munched all the way. i was originally planning to make nabe but changed to this thick creamy fettuccine. hehe. apple strudel for dessert was sooooooo delicious too. we poured custard creme on this one. folks liked everything too. had a glass of red wine and then as we talk with music, i ironed the shirts for work. happy happy.

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