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2018-11-09-Fri received free nail offer in chinese sns

received free nail offer in chinese sns. the shop owner just sent me digital ticket. i think i am getting busier in sns. getting invited to many stuff. i gotta tell these guys, "hey, you guys think i'm a funny japanese don't you!?" hehe. ;) but i wanna keep it low in sns still. too busy.

last night, grilled salmon and ate with salad. very healthy dinner.

this morning, ate hummus with celery which arrived from foreigners' food delivery service.

finally it's wkend. it's getting colder everyday. i think these 5 yrs go by sooooo fast. my back problem is worse in the winter, doing lots of stretches. sometimes i do facial mask from kose that i brought back from japan. relaxation is important.

so a (i have so many folks that name starts with a...) set up new office in another island and hired another six employees, she needs my marketing help for long yrs, we all are brainstorming how to grow the other island business more. she seem to thinking to really settle down there from the island we live, want us, me and european folks all come down there in the future too. we are still thinking and i work from home regarding this project now. so far going well, we all get to travel there and do research and job for these yrs and folks' company pay all our flight tickets, hotels, food, and other stuffs.

anyways, the one big international conference with the other project is busy. a, s, d, a, a, f, c, all are thinking.

nice, b from europe also wrote us recently. it's never too late to do master's degree back in university at any age in the world. he seems enjoying it really. we're happy for him. hopefully couple yrs from now, he'll come back to china again and join us folks, smarter, and more powerful!

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