bokeboke memo

2019-01-02-Wed laughed so hard to sally 4ever etc...

last night we watched camping, uk les miserables, and then sally 4ever, but this sally 4ever is totally crazy and we laughed our heads off!!! ;)

cold but good weather again today. relaxing with some christmas ginger cookies leftovers over coffee, watching some stuff on youtube, then studying my 4th language exam. good that i have great teachers right at home. hehe.

can't wait for western food delivery to arrive from 2 to 6.

i sold some other expensive stuff in internet in japan, called mom where it is in my "selling shelf" already wrapped with nice プチプチ and all she has to do is write address i tell her and send out in post office for me. i can say one of the best things about my family is that we have a great team work. helping eachother even we live far away. i help them often, they help me often. i help grand parents and aunt often. they always give me those expensive stuff to me say "sell these sell these. you can use the money to live. you need money to live. you are divorced lady." hehe. i feel everyone like to help バツイチ girl. hehe. ;)

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