Xbox 360 THE IDOLM@STER コミュ動画集

2007-03-02 Iori Minase videos of communication events

These are original gameplay videos of "THE IDOLM@STER (Japanese Xbox 360)", Iori Minase's communication events.(Could you translate gameplay videos of im@s?)

RankJapanese video and English textEnglish subtittled videoMemo
Rank FExerciseExerciseIori hates aerobics
MeetingMeetingWill her school results be affect by her work as an idol?
Photo Shooting Taking shots for her resume
Rank DLive (Theme Park)Live (Theme Park)Animal suit
Rank ERank upRank upHer first pay day
Live (Livehouse)Live (Livehouse)Tempura box lunch
Visit to the retirement homeVisit to the retirement homeAhhh, you moronic...moron~!!
Scenery of one day 2Scenery of one day 2Taxi fare
Rank DScenery of one day 3Scenery of one day 3The rabbit Iori always carrying
Rank CRank upRank upIori's running-away from home
Rank ABVideo shootVideo shoot(The Strongest Commu) It might be love
Monthly work / Seasonal workSummer affairSummer affairIori wanted to go to the southern islands, so...
Autumn affair 1 A terrible storm
RetirementThe last concert (Dome, Successful)