Xbox 360 THE IDOLM@STER コミュ動画集

2007-05-02 Yukiho Hagiwara videos of communication events

These are original gameplay videos of "THE IDOLM@STER (Japanese Xbox 360)", Yukiho Hagiwara's communication events.(Could you translate gameplay videos of im@s?)

RankJapanese video and English textEnglish subtittled videoMemo
Out of RankFirst meetFirst meetChihuahua
MeetingMeetingTimid girl
Rank FTrainingTrainingPlease hold my hand
Rank EVisit to the retirement homeVisit to the retirement homeYukiho falls asleep after work
Rank DScenery of one day 3Scenery of one day 3Guitar music
Rank CThe scenery of one day 6The scenery of one day 6Yukiho's father suddenly remodeled an annex
Monthly workDecember workDecember workI'm going to be dressed as Mr. Santa?
Off dayOff day3: Chased by a dogOff day3: Chased by a dogThe producer feels a sense of déjà vu
RetirementAfter the last concert (Dome, Successful)After the last concert (Dome, Successful)