Xbox 360 THE IDOLM@STER コミュ動画集

2007-06-02 Chihaya Kisaragi videos of communication events

These are original gameplay videos of "THE IDOLM@STER (Japanese Xbox 360)", Chihaya Kisaragi's communication events.(Could you translate gameplay videos of im@s?)*1

RankJapanese video and English textEnglish subtittled videoMemo
Out of RankFirst meet Intense eyes
MeetingMeetingSinging is everything
Courtesy calls to composers Am I really going to sing looking like this?
Rank FPhotographyPhotographyIs my face kinda scary?
Promotion (CD Shop)Promotion (CD Shop)Should I project a loud voice?
Rank EStreet performanceStreet performanceLive in the street? This is incorrect!
Rank CThe scenery of one day 5The scenery of one day 5In the cemetery. Her story dating back to 8 years ago.
Magazine coverage The reporter always saying boring jokes
Rank ABAward ceremonyAward ceremonyChihaya was chosen as No.1 Jeanist?
Monthly work / Seasonal workDecember affairDecember affairIt's almost Christmas, Chihaya is busy
Off dayOff day 2 Shopping in the electronics townOff day 2 Shopping in the electronics townChihaya is looking for a MP3 player

*1:I'll especially welcome translations of following events that show Chihaya's back ground and her maturing as a person. Rank E Rank up, Scenery of one day 2, Rank E Rank up, Scenery of one day 3, Rank C Rank up