Xbox 360 THE IDOLM@STER コミュ動画集

2007-07-02 Yayoi Takatsuki videos of communication events

These are original gameplay videos of "THE IDOLM@STER (Japanese Xbox 360)", Yayoi Takatsuki's communication events.(Could you translate gameplay videos of im@s?)

RankJapanese video and English textEnglish subtittled videoMemo
Out of RankFirst meetFirst meetCleaning of the office is Yayoi's daily routine
MeetingMeetingWhat a loud voice
Rank FMeetingMeetingIn the shrine, a memory of monetary offering
Rank ERank upRank upFinally the secret of Yayoi's familly will be revealed
CampaignCampaignThe bonus item for the maxi-single
Rank DRank upRank upHow many siblings does Yayoi have?
Rank ABRank up A concert at the elementary school she graduated from
MeetingMeetingA Meeting in her school
TV appearance It's proof
Live (Jumbo Stage) Overcrowded!?
The scenery of one day 7 'Oniichan'
Monthly work / Seasonal workSeptember affairSeptember affairThe game show
Off dayOff day4 ”Spanking at the Park” A spanking, you know!?