Xbox 360 THE IDOLM@STER コミュ動画集

2007-11-02 Ami Futami & Mami Futami videos of communication events

These are original gameplay videos of "THE IDOLM@STER (Japanese Xbox 360)", Ami Futami & Mami Futami's communication events.(Could you translate gameplay videos of im@s?)

RankJapanese video and English textEnglish subtittled videoMemo
Out of RankFirst meet First meet They take shift as a single idol
MeetingMeetingAmi & Mami love to talk
Courtesy calls to composersCourtesy calls to composersFiddling with the equipment
Rank FMeetingMeetingWho is who!
Live Concert (Livehouse) Who's going to go up on stage today?
ExerciseExerciseA little bit difference between their training wear
Shopping Like Indians?
Rank DThe scenery of one day 4 Building a super nii-chan in an operating theater
Rank CScenery of one day 5 The esplanade where Papa proposed to Mama
TV Guest AppearanceTV Guest Appearance(Featuring Mami) Could Mami be... turning into a bad girl?
Rank ABLive (large stage)Live (large stage)(Featuring Mami) Ami has become a lost child
TV commercial shooting (appearance) TV commercial shooting (appearance) A childwear commercial / What is challenge underwear?
Monthly work / Seasonal workDecember affairDecember affair“Find the truth! Does Santa really exist?”
Off dayOff day1 - Doing homework in the office Well.....everything!
OthersMorning greetingsMorning greetings
Live For You!L4U MamiL4U Mami