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sometimes it is very unique that I can talk someon from bottom of my heart. I kept thinking do not believe 100%, or black and white though.

My mentor, who can not speak in English always made me happy and stable, made me strong. I really need this one as a mentor. He never pushes me, he always smiled me etc...

This is what I wish in my life, this is what I need, and incredible if I believed that this one supposed to be good, or trustful, he will show up this face.

I noticed two things;

When I explained some situations, both of two asked me what action do I want.

Also, their paternity is very strong.


Korean guy 1


I have to write about the current situation. I have decided I won't have any more relationship until I get married.

Currently, I've got sort of good friend since I come to abroad. I took the same class as he participated, and since then we start to meet constantly on campus. Apparently, he has a family, Christian Korean guy then we try to make an appropriate distance.

We asked each other to meet on campus, to take a coffee and it is always about 90 mins. the frequency to be asked by him is higher than mine. I was thinking it might be ok because it is in abroad, I need someone to share my feeling. we just talking.

When I come bakc to my home, one of my best friends since child stated that if her husband is doing such a thing, she might upset. I totally understand my behaviour is wired. Additionally to say he sends me a text that he misses me , and he is not drunk.

I finally try to take distance. tend to reply shortly. It is all good for between us.

In the same time, I have to ask him to drive a car and help my moving house. it is .....not really good for both of us, I have to make another friends or take part in a meetup.

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I met this guy through studying Arabic language. As I know he looks a very stubborn, and very short guy who has pride in his mind. He believes he is the best, however, he started to show up how he likes me, how he loves me etc..

We send a text every day and share the idea during the holiday season while he went back to his country. The beginning was easy, we dated three times and he asked me to visit his house. I wonder is it ok, but I already started to like him. At that time I was challenging several matter in my life then I started to believe him count on him as my very good supporter. I tend to have dependence as I grow up in an incomplete functional family. he has paternity, he acted as the big brother, actually, he always said something like my older sister.

He is Saudi, short, loves grey colour and grey suits. He loves me and he said he needs me, but I dumped him. As we both in the same society then he can not control his jealousy then often it turned into the mad situations for both of us.

I love his from bottom of my heart but I have a doubt about his behaviour, so this is the reason why I dumped him.

To remind and try to hal my self I am going to werite about it.


Loosing and never revived

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Η ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΩΣΕΙ ΥΜΑΣ The truth help yourselves I believe.So to take actual situations or states,it is better to observe yourselves objectively.


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Sometimes and often it is global common sense that it is hard to appeal and express your important feeling. Still it is barely easy to express what you are thinking and organizing your thought.I know its importance to tiding up your mind, however still difficult to start working....

Organize your mind by taking note of my shopping

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Addiction of Fashion is not guilty, it is general desire to be in this world. However enough organizing mind should be effective to support its desire constructively and financially.Thus from this year, I've started to take note in my schedule not about my fashion journal.During January,I went to several clearance sales which are held by ISETAN,Barney's New york,Flag shop and Lumine. Also I used internet shopping such as Milla-bella.What I bought are followings:

  • Blue wallet
  • pink tiny bag
  • Yoga wears(3)
  • Room shoes
  • Navy shoes
  • Coat
  • Black Boots

....Yep...then now I am wishing to buy gray shoes. Honestly speaking, and frankly witting, I supposed that I have Hugh-hole in my mind then try to fix its hole by several products. I know it is not the right way to filled my heart, yet I simply try to believe if I had such a beautiful things I can be what I dreamed.

Making the note of my trips

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Recently I am kind of keen to take note of my trips. The moleskin*1 Journey book is good to note several informations and those resources. Then several time I use net-picture printing service called 'Net-Print Japan'.(http://www.moleskine.co.jp/) It provide enough qualities picture printings in cheap price, such as one pic for 5 yen. Delivery charge is about 85 yen, then more than 50 pics ordering can give you free delivery charges.(https://netprint.co.jp/)

Making or taking note of my journey is kind of wasting times: However those handy works make me relax feeling. So, sometimes I want to continue its hobby for myself.

Minimize your domestic life



Started to minimize my domestic life:Especially books!

Generally my entire life is being with several books. Also 10% of total floor spaces of my room is occupied by bookshelf thus I really wish to decrease some books that I red.

Firstly try to put all my books into the two book-shelves which are large sized trunk and tall book shelf.Then next,selected several books that I can sell to Book-off.Then selected about 100 books, those are my favorite books that I wouldn't like to release, then made those book as digital books. I used the service called 'Book Scan '(https://www.bookscan.co.jp/index). Its shop provide cheap and easy way to make your book degitalaized. 100yen for degitalizing a book, then need 50 yen to name its degitalized book. Some times, some book, especially some authors comics will be rejected to scan because the scanning services and its copyright are still being consulting by Japanese Law. Owning scanned books for individual usage is available, however those scanned books are suffering to be shared by internet easily.

Anyway, I succeed to tide up my room by reducing the total number of books.Recently I often use its scanning book service to minimize my total possessions of books, then trying to decline more and more.


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