about saudi guy 1


I met this guy through studying Arabic language. As I know he looks a very stubborn, and very short guy who has pride in his mind. He believes he is the best, however, he started to show up how he likes me, how he loves me etc..

We send a text every day and share the idea during the holiday season while he went back to his country. The beginning was easy, we dated three times and he asked me to visit his house. I wonder is it ok, but I already started to like him. At that time I was challenging several matter in my life then I started to believe him count on him as my very good supporter. I tend to have dependence as I grow up in an incomplete functional family. he has paternity, he acted as the big brother, actually, he always said something like my older sister.

He is Saudi, short, loves grey colour and grey suits. He loves me and he said he needs me, but I dumped him. As we both in the same society then he can not control his jealousy then often it turned into the mad situations for both of us.

I love his from bottom of my heart but I have a doubt about his behaviour, so this is the reason why I dumped him.

To remind and try to hal my self I am going to werite about it.

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